Carbon Dioxide CO2 6.35kg Liquid Offtake with Dip Tube – Deposit and Refill or Refill Only CO2 food-quality carbon dioxide is ideal for glass frosting, theatre special effects and paintball (All prices are inclusive of VAT where applicable)


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Liquid off take carbon dioxide

  • Liquid off take carbon dioxide is ideal for filling your paintball cylinders at home – Refill Only
    • Cylinder size 84cm * 14cm, weights 14kg

Applications and Uses

  • Paintball parks
  • Paintball suppliers
  • Paintball gun filling
  • Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
  • Paint Balling
  • Special Effects and Smoke Machines

Please note

All cylinders are owned, maintained and tested by Adams gas and are never at any point owned by the user. To check the test date of a cylinder, please look at the coloured ring around the gas valve.

The deposit on the cylinder is held by Adams gas and is fully refundable on return of the cylinder, at any point and is not subject to a limited time frame.

The deposit will only be refunded to the account holder, should the cylinder be passed on to a third party, please notifiy us to avoid any confusion later on.

9.34 Litres
Food Grade